willowMy name is Cleo, I’m an African Grey Parrot.  For some of you , you may not know what that means.  There are many species of parrots in the world, just like there are different types of dogs, cats and other animals in the world.africa  My relatives come from the African jungle.  I’m silver, grey and white, with a crimson red tail.  African Grey Parrots are well known for being amazing talkers and I know a lot of words.

Every morning my owners make my breakfast, which consists of a thing called #Chop.  Chop is bits of healthy and tasty foods all put into a bowl, so I can get as much nutrition as possible.  I also like to eat a variety of fruits and nuts.  Ok, that may not be necessarily true.  I am very picky when it comes to fruits, and sometimes if I don’t like a certain fruit, I fling it on the wall.  SPLAT!  It’s kind of funny, but not to my owners. However, when I moved in, I made sure they know I don’t wash walls and I DONT DO WINDOWS!

296877_258675467485933_4943547_nIn my house, I live in a house with three other birds.  A congo African Grey like me, named Cooper and a timneh African Grey named Dexter.  There is also another African species, called Hugo and he is a albino pied lovebird.  Yep, they are all boys and they can be loud and messy.  There are also other animals in the house, Sheldon a Golden Retriever, Baron a miniature Schnauzer, Sadie a dwarf Maine Coone and Keagan a black house cat.  Oh, I almost forgot about the four goldfish that I like to stare at in the living room.

Well, that’s a little about me, thanks for tuning in!  Make sure you subscribe so you can get me next blog post, and if you have ANY questions, please feel free to comment below!!